Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Problems after problems

I still haven't got Ubuntu 8.10 working which is very surprising for me, never had these problems before. When i boot and try to start the live CD i get Kernel Panic, tried booting into different boot options but with no success, i also read on Ubuntu's wiki page and it says that everything should works fine... I have also tried with different BIOS updates like F02,F03,F04,F05 with no result.
I was able to install Puppy Linux and Damn Small Linux, but they really look like crap and i rather run Windows seven on it which works terrific. Can someone please confirm their Hp 2133 is working with Ubuntu 8.10? Im still working on it..


  1. Hi there... just found your site a few days ago.
    I have the HP2133 / KX870AT

    I have Ubuntu 8.10 running on on my laptop right now. The only issue was the video - if I recall correctly, I had to add the 'forcevesa' on boot - and then everything else worked just fine. In fact I was waiting to see how you got the new VIA Chrome 9 video driver to work, because thats the only things i couldn't get to work.

    I had 8.04 running on this (before).
    Fedora 10 and Suse 11.1 both failed to get past the initial login....because of the VIA video.

    Otherwise - the install went well - no issues at all with 8.10


  2. Hey John and thanks for your comment. I'm gonna try re download it, but i had the same problems and other versions based on Ubuntu, like Gos space which is based on Ubuntu 8.04.1. I tried the forcevesa boot option with no success.
    I'll reply later, thanks again.

  3. Hej Marcus.
    Ill continue in English.

    I failed both Opensuse and ubuntu with my 8 gig usb only one single partition it stalled randomly when loading kernel at install.

    got a tip use smaller partition, so i took a 1 gig kingston usbstick with fat 16 on it and it booted upp fine, it just got finally 5 minutes ago.

    It needed to be installed with 640x480 do so i just moved the window with alt+klick+ drag.

    Wireless worked right away.

    Now i'am working on the driver for grapics.

  4. Thanks for your comment Andy, Great you finally got it installed.

    Kul med svenskar pa bloggen, dra ivag ett email till mig pa marcus.wiberg@live.com om installationen av grafik drivrutinen gick, jag har inte testat den annu.